The Meanings of Flowers-2

Throughout the ages, emotions and personified characteristics have been attributed
to flowers, and these have endured to modern times. The language of flowers, reaching
its height during the Victorian era, is simple yet magically articulate. Flowers
keep secrets, and they don’t lie, but in a few cases, as in the case of yellow roses,
twentieth-century marketing has stepped in to make a flower more politically correct
and therefore more salable.
Galax urceolata: encouragement
Gladiolus: love at first sight
Grasses (ornamental): submission
Gypsophila paniculata: everlasting love
Hamamelis ×intermedia: reconciliation
Helenium: tears
Helianthus annuus: loyalty
Helleborus ×hybridus: tranquillity
Heuchera: challenge
Hyacinthus: rashness, sport
blue: asking forgiveness
red: playfulness
white: loveliness
yellow: jealousy
Hydrangea macrophylla: thanks for understanding
Iris: wisdom, valor
Ixia: happiness
Jasminum sambac: amiability
Lathyrus odoratus: good-bye, departure
Lavandula: devotion
orange: hatred
white: virginity
yellow: gaiety
Limonium sinuatum: remembrance
Lonicera: generosity and devotion
Magnolia denutata: sweetness and beauty
Molucella laevis: good luck
Myosotis sylvatica: true love, memories

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