The Meanings of Flowers-1

Throughout the ages,emotions and personified characteristics have been attributed
to flowers, and these have endured to modern times. The language of flowers, reaching
its height during the Victorian era, is simple yet magically articulate. Flowers
keep secrets,and they don’t lie, but in a few cases,as in the case of yellow roses,
twentieth-century marketing has stepped in to make a flower more politically correct
and therefore more salable.Yellow roses were traditionally the symbol of jealousy,but sometime in the 1920s they became associated with friendship instead.
Acanthus mollis: artistry,having artistic talent
Achillea millefolium: healing
Aconitum napellus: need to beware
Adiantum formosanum: sincerity, secret love
Agapanthus campanulatus: secret love
Alcea rugosa: ambition
Allium: courage and faith, patience
Alstroemeria: wealth and prosperity
Amaranthus caudatus: hopelessness
Anemone coronaria: unfading love
Angelica gigas: inspiration
Antirrhinum: deception
Aquilegia: folly
Arbutus unedo: only love
Armeria maritima: sympathy
Artemesia ludoviciana: dignity
Aster novi-belgii: daintiness
Astilbe: I’ll be waiting for you
Calendula officinalis: joy
Camellia japonica: admiration
Centaurea cyanus: celibacy
Chaenomeles: temptation
Clematis: cleverness and intellect
Cleome hassleriana: desire to elope with me
Consolida ambigua: fickleness, haughtiness
Convallaria majalis: sweetness
Cosmos bipinnatus: modesty
Cyclamen persica: resignation and good-bye
Cytisis: humility
Dahlia: instability
Delphinium elatum: well-being
Dianthus barbatus: gallantry
Dicentra spectabile: elegance
Digitalis purpurea: youth
Eremerus stenophyllus: endurance
Eucalyptus: respect
Euphorbia marginata: persistence
Eustoma: calm
Filipendula rubra: uselessness
Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum’: worthyof praise
Forsythia .intermedia: anticipation
Freesia: trust
Galanthus nivalis: hope

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