Garden calendar

The best way to use the seasonal lists below is to consult and print them at the beginning of each season as a reminder of the jobs you should ideally do at that time of year.
With some garden tasks, timing is vital: transplanting and pruning. Leaving either of those tasks too late can create problems. If you prune a lilac too late in the season, for instance, you will cut off the buds that produce next year's flowers.
Likewise, you don't want to move shrubs or divide perennials in the heat of midsummer because the stress of the heat, dryness and the loss of roots will set the plants back too much.
Garden calendar season by season
Early spring - Cleaning-up after the winter
Mid-spring - What to do in the garden as everything starts to grow
Early summer - Jobs to do while your garden is still growing vigorously
Mid-summer - Gardening during high summer
Early fall - What to do as the season begins to wind down
Late fall - How to get your yard and garden ready for winter
Fall tree and shrub care - Important tips to help your garden trees and shrubs weather the winter

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