Blue Switch grass (Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues'):

How to grow and hardiness: Full sun, hardy to Zone 5. Grows 60 inches tall.
This stunning Panicum virgatum selection was originally found in Dallas, Texas, which inspired its name.
Although from a warm part of the country, 'Dallas Blues' grows equally well in colder regions. I've grown it in my zone 5 garden for five years now and it winters very well.
'Dallas Blues' grows into an upright clump of fountain-like, with foliage that's powdery blue. In early fall, each clump is topped with stunning reddish purple flower plumes. The leaves turn a copper color in fall that persists well through the winter.
Rick Darke notes that 'Dallas Blues' has a higher than average drought tolerance. I have it growing on a sandy-loam hillside that can get very dry, and it has survived severe drought with occasional watering.

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