Daylilies - versatile and easy garden perennials

Daylilies are colorful, easy to grow and will shine in many flower garden conditions. In Greek Hemerocallis, their botanical name, means "beauty for a day" because each individual flower lasts only a day, hence daylily.
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So why grow a plant with flowers that last only a day?
Well, for one thing, an established daylily grows many scapes (flower stems) that produce a profusion of buds that keep the plants in bloom for weeks.
There has been a revolution in daylily breeding over the past few years, resulting in new colors and forms.
The plants are stronger with lots more flowers over a longer period of bloom. There are more than 50,000 registered cultivars.
Gardeners love them for their rainbow of colors (they flower in every shade except blue) and many shapes and sizes.
They make versatile garden plants too: you can have daylilies in bloom from late spring until autumn. A well-established clump produces many buds and new flowers daily for a month or more.
The plants are clump forming, herbaceous perennials with fibrous or somewhat tuberous roots. Grow them in well-drained soil, amended with manure or compost.
For best performance give them full sun, at least six hours of sun a day. If you plant them in too much shade, you'll get more leafy growth with fewer flowers.

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